House Update // Vol 1.

Friends. Where do I even begin? Over on Instagram I've been sharing some sneak peeks of projects in the new house....if you have no idea what Im talking about, here's what has been happening the past few weeks! 


June 24th we FINALLY signed & got keys on our house! This is our first home and it was super exciting for us! We got in the house around 330 pm. By 7:30 pm we had baseboards ripped out, carpet ripped out, flooring ripped out, etc. By the next morning all the cabinets were ripped off, backsplash was ripped off & tile was being removed. Yes...we are crazy. I mean, we definitely thought we were Chip & Jo walking around on "demo day" and planning our renovations. But we could not have done this with out our contractor, which I will share once he gives me permission :) 

Before we found this house (as we were house shopping) we quickly realized how ugly homes are in Phx....and by that I mean, track homes. Because thats all that was in our budget. (hello 3 kids $$$). They are SO boxy, plain and boring. Cheaply made and dude - there is not one straight wall. SOOOO messy and crooked. So we decided to find a house with a good lay out and that we would redo flooring and then esthetics around the house to update it and make it look a little more styled. So we knew going into it that we were going to put a little bit of money into the home. ESPECIALLY flooring. With a little baby crawling around everywhere, I wanted NEW clean flooring. 

So, we found our home, signed and then destroyed it. (insert crying emojis). Its been almost a month. And we totally underestimated the project. And I am not even going to include a before picture until the after pictures are done. Because the inside of this house was just that ugly. Literally, horrendous. 

But here is our project list so far....and I will share photos and tag where we purchased everything room by room :) 

  • Hardwood flooring in entire downstairs & all bathrooms
  • New Carpet through out bedrooms and loft upstairs 
  • New 6" baseboards & door trim in entire house 
  • Oak cabinets turned into White Cabinets via paint and some freaking hard work
  • Crown Moulding along the top of Kitchen Cabinets + New Trim 
  • Beadboard/wainscotting around the base of the cabinets & on the breakfast bar + Trim
  • White subway tile backsplash
  • New paint in entire inside of house (outside needs to done next). 
  • All new toilets  
  • New toilet, vanity, sink and light fixtures in the downstairs bathroom 
  • Replacing ugly lighting with recessed lighting in kitchen and by the front door 

SO, this list is long, but getting completed and its looking SO much better! Like a different house! I might need to get a full time job to complete the rest of the tasks around the house! haha! So expensive, but so worth it. 

On a serous note.....Before I started to think of the renovations & esthetics of our home, I began with the question "What do I want my house to accomplish?". That might sound crazy to some, but this is a huge investment financially and its so difficult not to get caught up in the materialistic side of things. So before we entered into this, I really wanted us to have the end in mind. For me? I want our house to be life giving. I want our home to be comforting to those who come, a warm, inviting place full of food and laughter. I desire a place for my children to feel comfortable in and a place where we can serve & share God with those who enter in. So, bottom line, I want a life giving home. With that said....we jumped into creating that atmosphere! And it has been INTERESTING! lol Cant wait to share more photos! 


Mom Style & Breastfeeding

Dress // The Tickled Pink Boutique | Jacket // Forever 21 

Dress // The Tickled Pink Boutique | Jacket // Forever 21 

Alright, let me just be honest for a minute. My daughter was born in October..thats 8 months ago. I am exclusively breastfeeding her, as I did my others. And guess what...I GAIN weight when I nurse. I don't lose weight, nor do I get all skinny. I gain weight in order to sustain my milk supply. I eat WAY more than I normally do. And it is honestly SO difficult to deal with. Postpartum already throws far too many hormones at have no control over your body and you have an infant attached to you non stop. (I practice attachment parenting & "the second nine months", so when I say attached, I literally mean attached. The babe goes everywhere with me for at least the first 9 months, if not longer. More info on that here.)

Gaining 20 pounds on a smaller frame, is a lot. It feels like crap and doesn't look as cute either. I literally feel guilty every single time I eat. Why, you say? Maybe its because I am eating twice what I normally do. And maybe its because I have hormones raging around my body like a freakin monster. And maybe I am choosing not to work out like a meat head...for good reason. 1. I like to sit on the toilet and not cry because it was leg day. 2. I like to hold my kids without fear of dropping them because it was arm day. and finally reason 3. I don't get uninterrupted sleep right now...So I am tired. But its a season. (I say that a lot, I guess. But life is full of seasons and they are always changing).  And I know its temporary. I fully put my infant (and other children) before myself, because she is helpless and fully dependent on me. And because I know that one day, very soon, she will no longer need me to nurse, and she will no longer be interested in sleeping on my chest or letting me spoon her in bed. So I am chubby, I feel like crap half of the time, I struggle with super depressing thoughts but ultimately I have to press into God, remember its a short season, and get some loose fitting clothes to hide my chubby ass. 

Heres the deal. We just birthed another human. We created life. We spent 10 months growing this thing...its going to take longer than a few weeks to get our bodies back..or in my case - maybe a year lol. BUT, I am so thankful for the ladies at The Tickled Pink Boutique for making mom shopping so easy and fitting me with clothes that I totally feel comfortable in. 

So Cheers to online shopping. Put those kids to bed, or hide in the bathroom and buy something you feel good in. Its the small wins in motherhood. 

PS they have this dress coming in new colors!! Black right now! Use code "Jbravo" for 15% off at check out! 

End of the Year Gifts for Teachers


Every year we love to gift our teachers with something special. We want them to know how truly special they are and what a gift they have been to us for the past year. One year we did a glam bag packed with some of my favorite make up products. Last year we did a summer basket filled with treats from World Market, a cute tumbler for summertime drinks and lots of chocolate. This year, we decided that we wanted to support a local company that we love so much. (I LOVE buying things from shops that directly support PEOPLE, students & fellow mamas!)The Shine Project came out with the most adorable apple necklace, perfect for teachers. The company employs at risk, inner city kids and helps them go on to further their education. How appropriate, right?? I feel like this gift comes full circle..... Read more about The Shine Project here. 



And a very special thanks to ALL the teachers out there. You guys are superheros and I could NEVER do your job! lol

And a special thanks to Ashley, at The Shine Project for being so brave and selfless! You are making such a difference! 


Kitchen Essentials | The Pampered Chef

Who grew up with their mama's using these tools?? <both hands raised> But The Pampered Chef tools seriously are the most durable and BEST tools. They last FOREVER! These are my favorite tools that I have around my kitchen....and a few of the items I don't yet have, but are definitely on my wish list! What items are your favorite from Pampered Chef? 

Read More

Simplify your make up routine...


Keep it simple my friends....

One common misconception of being a make up artist, is people think that I am done up all the time. There is a very big difference between "Instagram make up" and "real life" make up. And seriously, stop comparing your face to these Instagram make up artists. The most common question I get is, how long does it take you to do your make up in the morning? My answer is always, 5-10 minutes. Unless I am getting ready for a photoshoot, I just do not spend any more time on my face. My time is more valuable in other places in my life. My children, my house, reading my bible, working etc. Not obsessing over what I look like. BUT, Its all about balance. Investing in your self, your appearance and how you feel is all very important. (Which I will get into more soon, another post, another day). If you sit in jammies all day with no make up, you will be less productive as if you woke up, took 5 minutes to do your face, spent another 5 minutes to put normal clothes on before you started taking care of the kids/house etc. 

So don't get over whelmed, keep it simple and keep it clean. Pictured above is my normal daily "running around" make up routine products. Simple, minimal, and it only takes me a few minutes. While I am not wild about the IT Cosmetics Illuminating CC cream, I do love the color. The pigment isn't too strong, but it has a good coverage. What I don't like about it, is it looks like I have glitter on my face in the sun. I am not down for that. So I will try their basic CC cream next time. Hoola is always a must have along with my "Love Joy" Blush from MAC. Elf brow kit is super easy and quick with an angled brush, waterproof mascara from Maybelline, and just a quick nude lipgloss. Actually, my favorite lipgloss right now is MAC's Deelight. It's GORGEOUS! Hope this helps! Email me or comment with your make up questions! 

Secrets of the Trade | Fake Lash Application

"How the heck do I put lashes on myself?", "How do I not get glue all over my face?", "How to I custom fit lashes?", "How do I not look like a crazy person with these bad boys on?"


So many questions surrounding lashes, which ones to buy and how to apply them. I am finally sharing, friends. My favorite lashes are the Demi Wispies by Ardell & the BEST lash glue is Duo's dark-tone. I just haven't found any other adhesive that works as good! Now onto the application process! Hopefully I can do a video soon! 


**Not Pictured** (Before you start - place a drop of glue on top of the plastic holder. You want your glue to dry a little bit and get tacky so that by the time you have trimmed your lashes, your dry is ready to go) 

Step 1: Pull off the lash from one side, gently. 








Step 2: Clip the lash into 3 pieces/chunks. 







Step 3: Place the trimmed piece back on the lash holder. *Keep them in order*







Step 4: Repeat until both sides are trimmed into 3 pieces. 






Once you have trimmed both sides, dip the edge into the tacky glue and then place in order from the outside of the eye to the inside of the eye (AFTER you have done all of your make up including eyeliner but not mascara).  Make sure that each piece touches each other so that you have a seamless affect along the eye. 







And thats it! Simple enough, but just trimming the lash into 3 pieces allows you more control over placement and secures each piece better than one whole strip! Any questions? Comment below! 

House Hunting // Kitchen Edition

My husband and I are FINALLY house hunting. It seemed like this day would never come. We are thrilled, but slightly worried because the decor options are freaking endless. And I am fully aware that I am setting myself up for a decent amount of work, kitchen wise. But we spend the majority of our time in the kitchen.....We are foodies, what can I say? 

Finding a house to fit a family of 5, with the space we need but the character we want has been challenging. My daughter doesn't want to switch schools, but we just aren't in love with the area we live in now. 

So as we pray for the right house for our family, I will continue living on Pinterest and dreaming of beautiful kitchens.....and watching HGTV non stop. 

Here is my vibe for the kitchen {remodel}, friends... Lets see if we can make this smash together. Any house decorating/house hunting/house flipping professionals wanna come hang with me for a few months? Anyway, here is the look I am going for.... 

All images from Pinterest ...obviously. 

Pink Blush Maternity | Nursing Friendly Dresses

So being a mom is hard, friends. But finding cute clothes that I can nurse in? Sometimes, even harder. So I am on a mission to share with you my favorite shops that have nursing friendly dresses. tops and just complete outfits. 

This first dress is from Pink Blush. I actually ordered a maternity dress from them when I was pregnant, and it was gorgeous. So I reached out about nursing friendly dresses and they sent me this bad boy. It is literally amazing. My husband couldn't stop complimenting me when I put it on. For the postpartum mama, this is a MUST HAVE. 

It cuts right under the boobs, which makes you look like you have waist and then drapes so flawlessly on the rest of your body. The v cut makes you feel still like a woman, and not like a breastfeeding robot who just produces milk all day. And for me, my arms look bigger due to weight gain from nursing (yes, I gain weight when I nurse), and this covers the part that I am uncomfortable with.

I literally want this dress in every color. I am OBSESSED. YOU can find it HERE.



Dress | Pink Blush // Necklace | LavaEssentials

Mia's Headband | Blush By Taylor // Mia's Romper | Old Navy 

Make Over Giveaway Winner | Leslie

Back in December I did an Instagram giveaway and Leslie was my lucky winner! We had such a great time chatting away and talking all things beauty! Every time I do a make over, I always ask what they want to learn or take away from our session. Leslie said she struggles with a quick simple hair style and does not have a lot of volume at her roots. As far as make up, she needed a quick 5 minute make up application that could last her all day through kids, work and just life in general. Check out her before and after below as well as products we used on her! 

For her hair we used a 1 1/4" Barrel and took bigger chunks to save time. We curled the front pieces in smaller chunks to frame the face. **TIP** Make sure you direct your curls away from your face on both sides! 

For make up we used MAC Studio Sculpt & Becca Illuminator in Opal with a Beauty Blender. We used Becca Rose Gold blush/illuminator for the apples of her cheeks. Hoola Matte Bronzer for the contour/bronzer. We used MAC Paints for an all over neutral on her lid and the Naked Basic Palette for a little more color on the eyes. Her brows have MAC's Waterproof Brow Gel on them. Liner was Loreal Gel Liner in espresso with NYX Naked Wonder Stick in the waterline. And Finally her lips have MAC Mehr lipstick and Kardashian Beauty Honey Stick Lipgloss. We used all Sigma Brushes. 

That sounds like a lot of product, but once she gets the hang of it, the over all make up process will take her no longer than 5 minutes.  

If you are wanting to book a session with me for your own before & after you can do that HERE! Wanting a girls night with some wine and a make up class? We can do that too! 


FabFitFun | Winter Box

Alright, ladies. I ordered the FabFitFun Box and I LOVE it! Its like getting a big box of presents in the mail. Which is always exciting! I have heard great things about it before and never ordered until now. Check out my box below! 



Juice Plus and Bridging the Gap


My family and I usually eat fairly healthy. We definitely enjoy your treats every once in a while but for the most part our core meals are meats fruits veggies and nuts. Avocados are in almost every single meal because were obsessed. But after I had Mia my diet had to change an adjust a bit. I had to switch to more bland foods because dark green veggies and tomatoes or tomato-based products hurt her tummy. She was nursing frequently and a lot of the times it was back to back feedings. I was absolutely exhausted and felt frustrated because she didn't seem content or satisfied. I realized that I wasn't getting nearly enough nutrition and did some research on vitamins and supplements that were safe for breastfeeding mothers. 

A friend suggested Juice Plus. Since taking these, Mia is a COMPLETELY different baby. She is SO calm, content and falls asleep after feedings. She doesn't cluster feed anymore and seems 100 times more satisfied than before. Not only is Mia more satisfied but my family and I are as well. Because my husband and I take the supplements, we get the kids supplements for free. They get gummies and LOVE them too. My husband and I's appetite has changed dramatically. He doesn't have as many cravings as before and honestly doesn't want too much meat anymore. I love salads and veggies even more and feel like my energy is sustained better throughout the day. 

So any new mamas...I HIGHLY recommend this. Like it is a MUST HAVE. I guarantee the doctors would have said Mia had gas or colic or some other issue. But I just feel like she wasn't getting enough nutrition. (Although breastmilk is all they needs "regardless" of mommy's nutrition, it definitely helps). I also am taking a probiotic from sprouts and the combination have us feeling AWESOME! Let me know if you have questions about Juice Plus and I will put you in contact with my "dealer"! Ha! 


This is post is not sponsored and I don't sell this product - I just truly LOVE how it has helped Mia and our family feel!