A Season of Slow


I just finished this book. I've never read a book slower, ever in my life. I am a natural speed reader, I blow through books quicker then I can keep up with. But this one was different. I read it slow. I savored it. I re-read chapters. I highlighted and underlined and folded down pages that I wanted to come back to. Shauna Niequist spoke every word I have been feeling this season of life. A season to slow down, a season to stay quiet, a season to stop the hustle and bustle, a season to stay in my Jammie's and rest more then I feel comfortable with. A season of uncomfortable, weird, silence. 

But beyond the silence, it's becoming a season to reconnect, dig back into Gods word and reconnect with my family. My work has pulled me in all directions, different states, different countries and all over the valley. But in the midst of the non stop hustle, I realized it wasn't passion that was driving me. And my work wasn't bringing me joy anymore. I was filling a need to prove myself. A need to show everyone that I'm not "just a mom", or a teen mom, or a single mom. I thought that I could show everyone how I could pull myself out of my "bad choices" and into a successful life. A life with no financial struggles, a life not dependent on "help" from others, a parent with it all together, an intentional mom (hoping it was the opposite of an irresponsible teenager as I once was). But guess what? That was exhausting. And it left me empty and wanting to hide so I didn't have to act all put together every time I was around someone. 

So, here I am, a retired hair and make up artist, who has almost 4 children and I'm not even 30 yet.  I love a schedule, I love being organized but I also love staying in my Jammie's all day and reading. I am an introvert, social settings give me anxiety, and I love staying at home. My wardrobe consists of mostly black and gray tones. And I like it that way. Neutral tones calm me. 

I announced sometime last year that I was retiring from weddings. Something God had been YELLING at me to do for years. But I wasn't listening. I thought I had to work and that I had to provide. But the truth is, I don't. Because He does. I quit my job without another lined up. I didn't even speak to my husband about it before I made the decision. I knew in my soul that I needed to stop.  I was unhappy, stressed, distant and miserable. I was overwhelmed. Each event was less joyful for me and more work then I ever imagined. So again, without any "future plans" or "future income", I said goodbye. 

With Baby No. 4 on the way, I am still not sure how I will bring income to our home. But I am finding a little bit of peace in that I know I can trust the Lord to provide. And my prayer is that my husband realizes that he doesn't need to stress either. Because we have never gone with out. And we just need to honor what has been given to us. His guidance will come, his provisions will come. And they wont be based off of our works, or our schedules, or my obsession with being an entrepreneur.  

So this book. It has put into words what I have felt for a long time. But never knew how to execute. Never knew that it was ok to feel all the things I am feeling. It helped me realized that I wasn't being lazy. Rest does not equate to laziness. But, that I have been craving rest, connection, intimacy and a slow calmness that hustling would never give me. 

I am thankful for people who write the words that are in this book. That are real, honest, truthful and bold. That pave the way for people who cant quite put into words how they are feeling so that they can make the necessary changes in their lives. 

For now, I will keep snuggling my kids, watching movies on repeat, enjoying my last pregnancy and stay in my jammies and I will blog for whoever wants to read. 


You can find her book here...https://www.amazon.com/Present-Over-Perfect-Leaving-Frantic/dp/0310342996/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1482442004&sr=8-1&keywords=present+over+perfect


Traveling with kids to the U.K.


This is our 3rd time traveling to the U.K. And to be honest, it's always been so easy. The older kids have always traveled well. The flight is 10 hours, which most people gasp when they hear that. But it's a night flight direct from Phoenix to London so we basically sleep the whole time. But this trip was slightly different. It definitely was not easy. It was Mia's first time flying to the U.K. And she is the most restless child I know. She doesn't sit still and is the lightest sleeper. Add in a fever for 5 days, and it was a bit if a disaster. But we survived. Here are a few things to remember when traveling with kids... 


#1. Don't wait to travel til they are older. Get them used to it as early as possible. All of my kids have been traveling since they were a few weeks old. From all over the states, to Mexico to London and Spain. I love that we can go to a different country and the kids are open to trying new foods and they sincerely enjoy the different cultures. 


#2 Travel Light. Unless you are traveling on a safari to Africa, bring the basic necessities. There will be stores all around. And babies do survive all over the world. On this trip, we went to the pharmacy a few times, needed diapers, tights etc. and we just got them whenever we were. We even had to see a doctor for Mia. 


#3 Most places are pretty child friendly. Any pub or restaurant we went in always made sure we had what we needed, made accommodations for the kids, changes to the menu and made sure Mia had warm milk for the road. 


#4 When traveling to a different time zone, do not look at what time it is back home. You will only confuse your body and mind that much more. When we come to the U.K., we don't look at what time it is back in PHX. Whatever time the clock says in the U.K., is what time it is. You will adjust quicker. And when you are out all day, and it's time to go to sleep, you will be tired for sure. Especially with kids! 



Jaime Lately // Do I Hear Crickets??


So its been a few weeks since I have blogged. So I thought I would give an update, on life.

October is my crazy month. Always. It's like everyone in Phoenix has high hopes that the temps will drop, we can plan a bunch of events and we can magically go outside without being mostly naked and maybe wear a sweater. Only to be disappointed each October that its still in the high 90's.  It's hot and I am annoyed by it. #CanYouTell? So I have been on long days of production shoots, weddings and with my clients that fly in seasonally.  I am so tired. And the kids feel it for sure. And so does my messy house. But I have blocked out the rest of this month, so no more events on site. Time to rest up, catch up and clean up. I am really looking forward to this being my last crazy October, honestly. As much as I love my clients, I need time to rest. I've been going at this for 12 years and its just too much. 

I have started some really new, crazy, cool things too, but I cant share just yet. But they require a little less on site commitment then Hair & Make Up does. 

As for our little tribe, the babies caught a tummy bug this past week, so that was gross. Mia bumped her head and had to take her in. But she's ok. And this mommy and daddy are just wrecked. We are needing some serious time together away from the kiddos. 

We head out for London in 3 weeks, and we cannot wait. I need some cooler temps, some actual weather and some nice people. I cannot wait to grocery shop, eat everywhere and spend time with family over there. Literally counting down the days. Speaking of, who wants to follow along on our trip? I will probably do some videos and hopefully some posts for you all. 

Anyway, thanks for tuning in. And some good content will be coming soon. Once I rest up a bit.



Kitchen Reveal!!!! ​

Finally guys!!!! Check out this before and after!!  


I am finally sharing our house! It's been a project. An emotional, expensive and challenging experience. It's not finished, and we still have SO much to do!! But here it is!!!  

How gross is this before?!? Ugh! We knew we were going to re do pretty much any house we got, but I think we underestimated this. I thought I was chip and jo walking around the house like "redo the flooring, new back splash, new caninets etc etc etc." But there is so much that goes into it!



Tearing up the tile was a joke. And this tile was so gross and old. YUCK!  


But the backsplash was even worse! I swear they cemented it on the walls! When we tore it off, we literally ripped all the dry wall off with it. We were not anticipating having to redo the drywall but thankfully our friend Jared came to the rescue with literally every issue we ran into!  


And here we go! This is what it looks like now. We still need to put hardware on the cabinets, decorate and a few small painting touch ups, but how crazy?!? Such a difference!! 



I have ordered bar stools for the bar area and I'll be painting or replacing the pantry door. Can't wait till it's totally finished!! Now who wants to help decorate?!? 

Beachfront Baby Carriers


We went to Cali a few weekends ago with the family as our last hoorah before school started. It was incredible! But one thing that made our beach trip so great was this wrap. I wear my babies everywhere. One place that makes baby wearing difficult is the beach. Most wraps have so much fabric and it's just too hot to be skin to skin. Beachfront Baby has created wraps and ring slings specifically for this. The mesh fabric is light, airy and cool. You can take it in the water, on the beach or in the shower. SO GREAT!! Our first day at the beach, I put Mia in the wrap and with in 2 minutes she was fast asleep and slept for 2 hours! The cool breeze & the sound of the waves was incredible and so relaxing

 I chose the black ring sling because it's easier to throw on, light weight and adjustable. I also love ring slings because you can use them as the baby gets older and wear them on your hip for added support!  

Sweet sleeping baby loved the sling!  

Sweet sleeping baby loved the sling!  


Check out more slings and get yours here....  


World Breastfeesing Week | 5 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding


This week we celebrate "world breastfeeding week". As a mommy of 3 littles, nursing is so very important to me. I follow the concept of "attachment parenting" and have had incredible success with it. For me, keeping my babies close to me is what feels natural. It's how it was always intended to be. I don't like to get caught up in all the "newest baby trends" or "coolest baby gear". I think the more simple we keep it, the easier it really is. So I have compiled 5 tips for new mamas to help you breastfeed successfully. 


1. Nurse right away. After the baby is born, place your baby on your chest and just have skin to skin contact for as long as possible. Baby doesn't need to be weight or measured yet. As long as your baby is in good health, keep your baby on you. When the baby is ready, he or she will do the breast crawl and find its way to your breast on their own. Think about it- do dogs need to teach their puppies how to nurse? No. They just are born wanting to eat. Babies are the same way. They want to nurse. 


2. Nurse on Demand - first of all, your baby knows when he or she is ready to nurse, when they need comfort, when they are hungry etc. They do not need to be (nor should they be) put on a nursing schedule. Don't look at the clock, don't stretch feelings, don't worry. Sometimes it's every 2-3 hours and sometimes it's every 20 minutes. And that's ok. They will not be consistent. It's normal. Their bodies go though stages of massive growth and stages of sleepiness. Just nurse on demand. Secondly, your milk supply is "DEMAND and SUPPLY". The more the baby demands, the more you will supply. The less he/she demands, the less you supply.  


3. Do not have bottles or formula in the house - this step is KEY. Nursing is hard. It's frustrating and it's sometimes painful. The first 6-8 weeks are challenging. But when you are exhausted and irritated and haven't showered, you will hand the baby to your husband and tell him to give the baby a bottle if you have them on hand. And this WILL negatively affect your milk supply. I promise. If you skip a feeding, that's one less feeding you will produce the next day. Causing the baby to be frustrated and a downward spiral to a formula fed baby. (Which by no means is a bad thing. But this post is about successfully Breastfeeding, not formula feeding.) 


4. Have a support system - it is SO important to have a support system of people who encourage you to nurse and push you through the exhaustion. If you don't have a circle of people who know much about nursing, go find a moms group. There are SO many out there and you will need support, encouragement and you will have hundreds of questions. But just remember, our bodies are meant to create life and sustain life. Trust Your body & eliminate stress as much as possible.  


5. Side nurse at night -(I am side nursing in the photo in this post)  I am all about anything to simplify this whole newborn phase. For us, that meant co sleeping. Which doesn't necessarily mean that we are sharing a bed, but that the baby is very near to us. So our nighttime routine looks like this -- bath, lotion, jammies, nurse baby to sleep and then gently place baby in their co sleeper or bassinet in mommy and daddy's room. Then go to sleep yourself! Once baby wakes up in the middle of the night, pull baby in bed with you and side nurse till you both fall back asleep. As the babies woke up in the night I just switched from side to side Until they fell back asleep. Consleeping is very controversial, but you have to do what is right for you and your baby. For us, that meant keeping baby close by so I could nurse on demand. (Safety note - obviously don't co sleep if you or your partner have been drinking or on any medication. You have to be conscious enough to know where your baby is). 


I will leave some links below to some great articles that expand on these concepts. A few other tips: Drink lots of water - I mean chug a glass or bottle of water every single time you sit down to nurse. Keep taking prenatals or supplements to give the baby and your body the most nutrition possible. And enjoy it. Because they won't nurse forever. And they won't always wake up in the night. Babies aren't meant to sleep all night. So cuddle them, love on them and keep nursing. It's the best thing ever. 

Lipstick Depotting 101

Today is National Lipstick Day so I thought it would be The perfect opportunity to share how I keep my make up kit organized and how I manage all 900,000 Colors of lipstick that I currently keep in my kit. OK maybe not 900,000 but I definitely have a lot.  


When I first started out as a make up artist I thought that I needed every single color of everything. Foundation, lipstick, blush etc. but after doing make up for sometime I realize that being a minimalist cuts down my application time, keeps me organized and is a hell of a lot lighter to carry when I'm traveling to all ends of the earth to glam some ladies up. 


So instead of searching through a massive bag of lipsticks to try to read the bottom of the lipstick to see what color I am pulling out I decided to put all of my lipsticks in one or two cases. Simplify if you will.  


I purchased this case that has 24 compartments and I literally took a small cake spatula that you would use to decorate a cake and cut the lipsticks into thirds and smash them into each compartment. (I did not have a photographer to take a step-by-step picture for this process so these will have to do) 


I made a note on my iPhone in order with which color I placed in each compartment so that when I need to replenish a specific color I have it on my phone with me at the store.  

It it has made life so much easier when it comes to the organizational part of working and trying to find the colors I need quickly!

Find the cases here // http://www.vueset.com/?product=tahiti