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When I received the email with these images from Jillian Ryan Photography, I literally died. I spent FOREVER obsessing over them. Then to actually have to narrow down which ones to feature?? DUUUUDE. #WhatAJoke 

Anyway, this bridal party was sooo beautiful. I actually only did Make Up for this wedding!! My good friend and fellow stylist, Afton, did the hair. If you have emailed me and I was either booked or going to be on maternity leave - you have Afton's #. She is my #1 referral for hair. Because she has got it. She has the eye - not only for cuts and colors but styling as well. 

So needless to say - Afton and I make a great team! Check out the over abundance of images below! And a huge thanks, again, to Jillian Ryan Photography for so graciously giving me access to this stunning wedding. 

If you are a past bride, PLEASE, send over your images so we can share and enjoy in the gorgeousness! 

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Currently Crushing

So I think I am mentally trying to prepare for summer, because these are definitely summer picks. But Phoenix has been so nice to us lately and keeping us comfortable in the mid 70's/80's. Check out some of my current fav's below... 

Currently crushing? No, obsessing, over my Starbucks drink. I've ordered this for a while but lately, its just hitting the spot. A Venti Black Tea Lemonade with 3 pumps of Classic. Order it, and thank me later. 

MAC Modesty is the most gorgeous color, on planet earth. Get it, now. 

Flowy printed shorts...from anywhere. So heres the deal....Im pregnant. If you didn't know already. And Maternity clothes are....ugly. So enter in any printed shorts from anywhere, although Three Bird Nest has many options. I also just purchased a few from Charlotte Russe. (Random, I know) 

What are some of your summer favorites?? 

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MakeOver Monday | Ily Grantham

"Do you teach classes?", "Can you teach me how to do my make up?", "I wish I had you every morning!" The truth is, up until now, my schedule has not allowed too much time for lessons. My schedule is filled with weddings, photo shoots, commercial shoots and lots and lots of admin work (Plus a little thing called a family). But just recently, I announced some pretty big news with my future with weddings. Check it out here. This change leaves more time for some individual lessons and classes that I cant wait to teach. During the summers, I am able to run a really great special for a 1 hour lesson at a discounted price for all those mama's, fellow professionals and teens that are needing some TLC with me. You can book one of those lessons here. 

Check out Ily's before and after below. Ily is an industry professional (with Ily Grantham Photography) who quite frankly, doesn't have too much time to glam herself up. She doesn't wear make up on a daily basis, other than the basics for when she's meeting with clients. So we tried a simple look, but something she could easily do in a few minutes before her appointments and weddings. Products listed below. 

What we used:

  • MAC Face & Body Foundation
  • MAC's Full Coverage foundation in NC20 as concealer/highlighter under eyes
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • NARS Orgasm Blush
  • MAC Soft & Gentle Highlighter on top of cheekbone
  • LORAC Pro Palette eyeshadows 
  • Loreal Gel eyeliner in Espresso
  • MAC Waterproof Brow Gel Set 
  • MAC Lipstick in Modesty
  • Guerlain Lipgloss 
  • All brushes used from Sigma

Make sure to book your appointment, spots are filling up quick!  

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Desert Boho Shoot

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting the adorable Maya and working along side the most talented Kara Layne. The weather was perfect, Miss Maya was so stunning with her perfect skin and adorable personality and basically any shoot with Kara just rocks. Enjoy the Behind The Scenes video below and some images from her shoot! 

A huge thanks to Kara for the amazing video footage and gorgeous pictures! And of course Maya for being so dang adorable!! 

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Baseball Cap and The Basics

I think its a natural assumption most people have - thinking I am always done up. Hair and makeup maxed out and all glammed out. Its not true. I am a lover of basics. Simple colors, easy outfits and natural make up.  If you know me, you know these statements to be true. If you don't know me please know that make up isn't always on my face. And its really kind of nice. These days, I am on the far end of the spectrum - stretchy pants and little to no make up on a daily basis. This pregnancy thing is kind of funny - you know, not being in control of your own body. But I am embracing it and I think its an awesome example to my daughter - especially when she says "Mom, I like when you don't wear makeup but I like you when you wear it too. You are beautiful both ways." UGH, knock me dead now. These kids of mine...they sure do have a way of breaking my heart in a million pieces in the best way possible. But I want to be an example to my kids that there is a time and a place for everything. I believe appearance is important. Making sure you are put together definitely helps with your self confidence and I've learned that people take you more seriously as well. But I also want them to know that its ok to not wear make up, and to rock some comfy clothes and just relax. 

Below is one of my favorite looks....including my favorite hat. Which I can't find at the moment.....Please take a moment of silence with me. That was one of my NYC buys.

Of course I was done up in these photos....and this was when my hair was light. Also contemplating going back light. But thats another day, another post. Just know that the basics are ok. Throw on that clean white t-shirt, jeans and a cute baseball cap.  Who needs heels anyway? 

Images | Ily Grantham Photography 

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