Find Your Tribe...

Dress | The Tickled Pink Boutique // Use code "Jbravo" for 15% off your purchase! 

Dress | The Tickled Pink Boutique // Use code "Jbravo" for 15% off your purchase! 

Find your tribe, love them hard // 

I feel like society today strives to be independent, but independence isn't always a good thing. We live in our own houses, drive our own cars, buy our own groceries, make our own dinners, take care of our own kids, etc. But what if we shared our burdens a little bit more? What if we traded dinner with a family a couple times a month. So you knew, every other Friday, dinner was taken care of.  What if you traded kids a couple times a month. So you knew that every other Wednesday, you had a day off? Or a day to walk around Target by yourself? Or get a haircut...or even take a shower?  We have heard so many times, "It takes a village"....but the saying is so true. It literally takes a village to raise a child and I feel like right now, we are in DIRE need to bring that village back. There is too much independence, too much judgement, too much information, to much stress over organic vs non organic, breastfeeding vs formula feeding etc. (And I am SO guilty of these crappy thoughts of what I think is better - I am a strong believer in Attachment Parenting and have had such a hard time pushing myself to accept other ways of parenting #WorkInProgress). BUT it is my goal to push into my TRIBE of people, and love them hard. And I challenge you to do the same.

I am such an introvert so I have such a hard time leaving my comfort zone, and basically getting out of my jammies and into real clothes to meet up with my tribe. But My goal is to re-prioritize my schedule, and fit in a few more outings with and with out kids. Gotta stay connected, friends. 


Dress | The Tickled Pink Boutique // Use code "Jbravo" for 15% off your purchase! 

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Simplify your make up routine...


Keep it simple my friends....

One common misconception of being a make up artist, is people think that I am done up all the time. There is a very big difference between "Instagram make up" and "real life" make up. And seriously, stop comparing your face to these Instagram make up artists. The most common question I get is, how long does it take you to do your make up in the morning? My answer is always, 5-10 minutes. Unless I am getting ready for a photoshoot, I just do not spend any more time on my face. My time is more valuable in other places in my life. My children, my house, reading my bible, working etc. Not obsessing over what I look like. BUT, Its all about balance. Investing in your self, your appearance and how you feel is all very important. (Which I will get into more soon, another post, another day). If you sit in jammies all day with no make up, you will be less productive as if you woke up, took 5 minutes to do your face, spent another 5 minutes to put normal clothes on before you started taking care of the kids/house etc. 

So don't get over whelmed, keep it simple and keep it clean. Pictured above is my normal daily "running around" make up routine products. Simple, minimal, and it only takes me a few minutes. While I am not wild about the IT Cosmetics Illuminating CC cream, I do love the color. The pigment isn't too strong, but it has a good coverage. What I don't like about it, is it looks like I have glitter on my face in the sun. I am not down for that. So I will try their basic CC cream next time. Hoola is always a must have along with my "Love Joy" Blush from MAC. Elf brow kit is super easy and quick with an angled brush, waterproof mascara from Maybelline, and just a quick nude lipgloss. Actually, my favorite lipgloss right now is MAC's Deelight. It's GORGEOUS! Hope this helps! Email me or comment with your make up questions! 

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10 Benefits of Hot Lemon Water


I am all about creating healthy habits that are feasible for the modern mom. We all have busy schedules, and lets be honest, we normally put ourselves pretty low on the priority list. (I'll touch on this in a future post). But what are some ways we can create healthy habits? What are some quick ways to get nutrition in? Recently, I weaned myself off of coffee. Yes, I know. Who does that? But it wasn't the coffee I was worried about, it was all the half & half and sugar I put in my coffee. Now, I still enjoy a few cups on my day off - Sunday is Family day and thats when I get my treats with the kids. (And yes, I said a FEW). And my husband is the MASTER at cold brew coffee, so weekends are my jam with him. But I started this daily habit of drinking a cup of hot lemon water every single morning. And this is seriously something I won't go with out now! Check out some benefits below! 

1. Boosts Immune System - Vitamin C in the Lemon is known to boost immune system

2. Helps with digestion - I don't think I need to get into too much detail, but lets just say it clears you out within a few minutes of drinking it! 

3. pH Balance - Lemon is highly alkaline. Once metabolized, it reduces the body's overall acidity. 

4. Natural Energy - Lemon (and most Citrus) is known for the energizing scent. In addition to drinking lemon water, I also diffuse a mix of citrus oils from Young Living to help increase energy in our house. 

5. Pain Reduction - Lemon reduces uric acid in the joints which is the cause of inflammation. Less inflammation = less joint pain. 

6. Healthy Habit - Most of us enjoy sipping on something warm in the mornings. Whether its soothing or just a habit, most of us do it. For me personally, I would rather replace my hot coffee filled with sugar with something that is actually benefitting my body & health! 

7. Clears Skin - Hot lemon water detoxes our intestines & our blood. Less toxins in our body means that we are getting less wrinkles and less breakouts. Whenever people ask me what skin care to use for their breakouts, my first questions are what are you eating and drinking, how much water do you drink and how much sleep do you get? All of these things affect your face. Treat your body from the inside out. 

8. Natural Diuretic - Detoxifies your body so you expel fluid more frequently, thus keeping the toxins constantly flowing out of your body rather than sitting in your body. 

9. Keeps you calm & stress free - When you are stressed, vitamin C is the first thing that is depleted from your body. So constantly filling your body with Vitamin C increases the amount in your body which will hopefully keep you calmer longer! 

10. Oral Health - The citric acid helps kill bacteria!  


I hope that this info helps you create an awesome morning habit for your body. Self care mamas, its so important! Comment if you've tried hot lemon water in the morning!! 

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Secrets of the Trade | Fake Lash Application

"How the heck do I put lashes on myself?", "How do I not get glue all over my face?", "How to I custom fit lashes?", "How do I not look like a crazy person with these bad boys on?"


So many questions surrounding lashes, which ones to buy and how to apply them. I am finally sharing, friends. My favorite lashes are the Demi Wispies by Ardell & the BEST lash glue is Duo's dark-tone. I just haven't found any other adhesive that works as good! Now onto the application process! Hopefully I can do a video soon! 


**Not Pictured** (Before you start - place a drop of glue on top of the plastic holder. You want your glue to dry a little bit and get tacky so that by the time you have trimmed your lashes, your dry is ready to go) 

Step 1: Pull off the lash from one side, gently. 








Step 2: Clip the lash into 3 pieces/chunks. 







Step 3: Place the trimmed piece back on the lash holder. *Keep them in order*







Step 4: Repeat until both sides are trimmed into 3 pieces. 






Once you have trimmed both sides, dip the edge into the tacky glue and then place in order from the outside of the eye to the inside of the eye (AFTER you have done all of your make up including eyeliner but not mascara).  Make sure that each piece touches each other so that you have a seamless affect along the eye. 







And thats it! Simple enough, but just trimming the lash into 3 pieces allows you more control over placement and secures each piece better than one whole strip! Any questions? Comment below! 

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Major news....

Friends, the time has come for me to move in a new direction. After spending months in prayer, I feel it is my time to say goodbye to weddings. From this point on, I will move ahead, still as a hair & make up artist, but my focus will be my blog. I will be producing fresh new blog content, filled with all my experiences over the past 12 years as a wedding stylist. Tips and tools for the working mom, time management skills, tips for the stay at home mom, every day make up tips, quick and easy hair styling tips that are actually feasible and so much more. I have so much more to share than my favorite lipstick! I have gained so much wisdom and knowledge the past decade through challenges, trials & tribulations. I have had so much joy serving my beautiful brides on their special days. But, my time as a wedding stylist must come to an end at some point, and why not end it on a high? What does this mean? I will answer a few questions I know will come up!

Q. Will I still do hair and make up? // A. // YES! I LOVE doing hair and make up. I have regular clients that I will continue to do as well as some high profile clients that I will continue to work on. But, I also find so much joy in make overs & teaching fellow mommy's and business professionals what I know. My goal is to bring you make overs a few times a month including before & afters, products used and tips on how to use them efficiently! 

Q. Am I finishing out my booked weddings for 2016? // A. // OF COURSE! I have some AMAZING brides that I have booked for the remainder of 2016 and they will still get 100% of my attention just as they did before. The difference? I am just not booking for 2017 and beyond. As of right now, I have a couple spots left for 2016 and I am still undecided as to whether or not I am going to release those dates. But I will keep you all updated! 

Q. What will I do from now on? // A. // I am going to first, love on my babies. I am going to enjoy some weekends off and enjoy less work related pressures! But like I said above, my blog is going to get SO MUCH LOVE. I have some incredible content planned, I have some AWESOME sponsors, and so many fun things to share. It's literally killing me not to just post my entire cache of posts! 

Q. What kind of content will I be posting? // A. // I will be producing fresh new blog content, filled with all my experiences over the past 12 years as a wedding stylist. Tips and tools for the working mom, time management skills, tips for the stay at home mom, every day make up tips, quick and easy hair styling tips that are actually feasible. You can count on seeing anything from beauty tips, to breastfeeding tips, to my favorite places to shop. This will be a place for all things lifestyle, mommy, and beauty related fun! 


If you have ANY questions regarding my new ventures, please email me or comment below and I would be SO happy to answer anything! I am beyond excited and feel so at peace about my decision! If you are interested in collaborating on my blog, just shoot me a message on the contact page! Lots of love! And send some prayers my way! X

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It's a season...

Six months postpartum and I am finally coming to terms with the fact that my body is still not my own, I am carrying an extra few pounds and I am a nursing mommy. And guess what....ITS OK. This is a season. And it doesn't stay winter all year long. Seasons change and so do seasons in our life. Right now, I am focusing on loving on my baby, rolling around the floor with her and my 2 other littles and just being present. After all, I do have little sets of eyes on me. My eight year old understands everything I say and feels when mommy isn't feeling too good. So its important for me to model positive language and positive body image to her. She is gorgeous just the way she is, and I want her to understand that. But what is it about mommies not feeling the same way? 

So is pregnancy and postpartum a license to eat like crap? No, BUT I can say that it is the time to have some grace on yourself, relax and enjoy the moment. If you cant eat all organic and paleo, its ok. Eat a freaking sandwich and be good with it. Although I do try to make as many healthy choices as possible, I am just enjoying that not every choice has to be great. Some choices can be just, yummy. And since we are a NON soda buying household, I thought I would treat myself with a little something. The limonata flavor reminds me and the kids of being in Spain last summer, drinking "Fanta Limon"....take me back to the beach! 

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